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What is a Cool Car

Welcome to Lets start here with a never ending list of answers to the question, what Is A Cool Car? (Send me your additions to this list; note, the answer must include the word “car” or “cars”)

A)           A car that strikes you,  a beautiful car, a homely car,pebble beach cool cars a car with racing pedigree, your first car, a car that carried a President, your prom car,  a car found in a barn, a restored to original car, a restored to your taste car, an original car, a custom car, a car with a record lap time, a “pre war” car, a “post war” car, the cars coming out in two years, the prototypes cars from  the last decade,  a car that just went into production, a turn of the century car, the cars from your teenage years – no matter how old you are, a car from WWII Europe that drives on today,  the cars from your birth year,  cars named after race tracks,  convertible cars, 5 window coup cars, 1 cylinder cars, 2 cylinder cars, 3 cylinder cars, 5 cylinder cars, 6 cylinder cars making 300HP!, good old V8 cars, V10cool cars batmobile cars, V12 cars, V16 cars, turbine cars, turbo cars, cars the public didn’t like – at the time,  cars that were any color you wanted – as long as it was black, boats that turn into cars, cars you never thought would be cool – like station wagons, cars that double as trucks, cars from car companies that no longer exist, a car with headers, a car that puts out cleaner air than it takes in, modern retro cars, resto-mod cars, cars from TV shows, cars with finscool cars cad fin  HELP ME TO EXTEND THIS LIST!!

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